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Lokalna Organizacja Turystyczna w Toruniu

The Local Tourist Organization in Toruń was founded on October 22, 2003, forming a platform for cooperation of the local community and the tourism industry, City of Toruń, Toruń Poviate, and other self-government units in the region.Main objectives of LOT Toruń:creating a positive image of Toruń as...

Gmina Miasta Toruń

A Gothic jewelToruń is a city of intense and interesting history. In order to feel the unique climate of Gothic architecture, you must see the Old Town, most of which has survived intact through centuries. The old houses, churches and granaries of Toruń emanate with a Gothic charm....

Centrum Kulturalno-Kongresowe Jordanki

The Cultural and Congress Centre Jordanki represent 22,000 m2 of exceptional architecture located in the very heart of Toruń, in the vicinity of the Old Town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its multifunctional and modular arrangement provides a setting for even the most daring cultural...