Fort IV Toruń Fortress

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Fort IV Toruń Fortress

Fort IV Yorck Żółkiewski is the main - artillery fort, one of seven of its kind in Toruń. Currently, as the only one in Toruń, it is adapted to provide accommodation for tourists. The former barracks have been converted to a hostel with nearly 150 beds. A great attraction is a possibility to book a bed in one of multiple bed rooms styled after military barracks. Furthermore, tourists can use the Fortress Restaurant, offering delicious home-made food. Those wishing to get acquainted with the Fort's history and design can walk around the Fort IV, alone or with a guide. During this walk you can turn an observation cupola weighing over 200 kg, or walk along an underground tunnel lit by torches. Fort IV is also an excellent place for organising a family or a company event, like an official dinner in one of the Fortress rooms or a picnic in the Fort Yard. Fort Yorck Żółkiewski definitely is an excellent example of the engineering achievements of that day. Getting inside its walls you can become acquainted with details of the barrack life, and learn about Toruń fortifications.

Fortress offer:

  •   Nearly 150 beds
  •   Fortress Restaurant
  •   Sightseeing: individual, with a guide, and "with ghosts"
  •   Programmes for children and youth groups
  •   Family and company events
  •   Conferences, trainings, team building, and survival
  •   Picnics for up to 1500 people in the Fortress Yards.
  • Access for Disabled Guests Access for Disabled Guests
  • Access to the Internet Access to the Internet
  • Car Park Car Park
  • Information on Toruń Information on Toruń
  • monitoring monitoring
  • Option to Combine Conference/Training Rooms Option to Combine Conference/Training Rooms
  • Payments in Other Currency Payments in Other Currency
  • Pet Friendly Pet Friendly
  • Restaurant and Bar Restaurant and Bar
  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Room Room Space (m²) Room Height (m) Number of Persons for Cinema Set-Up Number of Persons for Class Set-Up Number of Persons for U-Shaped Set-Up Daylight Air-Conditioning Separate Exterior Entrance
Conference Room 50 m2 4 m 50 30 24 - -
Guardroom 50 m2 4 m 60 30 24 - -
Hunter's Room 50 m2 4 m 30 30 24 - -
Wine Room 60 m2 4 m 40 40 - - - -
Gunpowder Room - right 100 m2 4 m 100 100 60 - - -
Staff Room 110 m2 4 m 70 40 30 - - -