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About Cluster

"The realisation of the development strategy of the tourist cluster" is a project created and coordinated by the LOCAL TOURIST ORGANISATION IN TORUŃ. The main goal of the undertaking is the development of the cooperating tourist venues such as: hotels, tourist operators, training and conference organisers, sports events, recreations and schools in Toruń and nearby areas.
The created cooperation link is a GRASSROOTS INITIATIVE, created by the participants of the undertaking. It is a huge success of the tourist industry because FOR THE FIRST TIME a cooperation link was created aiming to present the joint business offer through FORCE OF OBJECT SYNERGY.

Individual partners have individual goals related to their offer, which incorporate into the functioning model of other members of the cluster.

The essential functionality of the cluster is its operation on the internet. The main activity in this area is the creation of the website: torunttc.pl, aimed at potential clients from Poland and abroad, which allows for an attractive presentation of the joint offer information of all members of the cluster. The other activity of the cluster was the participation in the IMEX International Business Tourism Markets in Frankfurt on Menn in May 2015. As part of the project, info-promotional operations are realised.